Noble Oaks Farm | Texarkana, TX

Noble Oaks Farm | Texarkana, TX

Agriculture on the Farm

As a working farm in Texarkana, Texas, we are involved in several components of agriculture. We work diligently to conserve the land while developing a number of natural products.

Registered Texas Longhorns

When you visit the farm, you're likely to see our Texas Longhorns - yes, the real thing! We take great pride in raising these fine specimen and enjoy showing them off to visitors. Whether you're a Texas Longhorn fan (the college type) or have always had an interest in longhorns (the cattle type), we'd love to give you more information about those on our farm. They're a big part of our agricultural involvement.


Always wondered how people get honey from bees without suffering from thousands of stings? Bees are fascinating insects and provide one of the most delectable natural treats. Come get details about beekeeping and learn more about how these insects thrive in their environment.

Fruit & Vegetables

Nurture your body with fresh fruits and vegetables from Noble Oaks Farm! We take care to grow all of our fine produce in a sustainable manner so that our impact on the earth doesn't have a negative effect on the land for the future. Get the details about our produce when you call or stop by today.