Noble Oaks Farm | Texarkana, TX

Four generations of our family have worked our farmland, creating a community hub for getaways and retreats. The lush grounds and welcoming family atmosphere have always been a great place to reconnect with one another and nature. Before opening the farm to the public, family friends would drive 50 miles to enjoy a big outdoor party in the comfort of the outdoors. Now, decades later, we offer the same rich experience to the entire Texarkana, Texas community.

When is the last time you and your loved ones disconnected from technology and connected with your natural surroundings? Our farm is here as a reminder of the beauty, diversity and enjoyment that nature offers us every day. By reconnecting with the wonderful bio-resources and abundant richness of the earth, we also reconnect with our core human values.

We invite your family to join ours at Noble Oaks Farm today. We are excited to meet you during your next visit!